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What file format are the files delivered in?

We have included the most common file formats that are accepted by telephone systems. We've also included a full quality WAV file so you can convert into any format you desire.

In your downloaded folder you will see the following files:

file formats

In the same order, this is what each file is:

  1. WAV 16bit, 8khz, mono
  2. CCITT ULaw 8bit, 8khz, mono (this is the most common file format for telephone systems)
  3. MP3 - 192 kbps
  4. WAV 16 bit, stereo 44.1khz (full quality)

If you need any other format then please contact us and we will be happy to convert your files for you!

How do I convert to another format?

In the download we've provided the full qualty WAV file. Please use this file when converting to any other format to achieve the best quality conversion possible.

If you need any help please get in touch.

How can I join several files together?

We can do this for you. Please drop us an line with your order number for the files you've purchased and let us know the order you would like your tracks mixed in. There is a small charge for this service.

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Will my files have 'Preview' on them?

No, that is our watermark to prevent piracy, your files will be completely clear.

Can I get a bespoke license?

Yes, absolutely. Simple email us your receipt/order number and your full contact details (for the premises you want the license for) and we will get a license document to you.

How do I receive my files?

After payment you will receive an email with a download link. Simply follow the link to the downloads page and download your products. Each song is contained within a ZIP file.

If you have purchased the entire section the download page will list all the files contained from that section.

Do I need a PRS/PPL license as well??

No, our license is the only one you will need. Our music is not registered with any PRO so they cannot claim a license against it.


Our aim is provide you with quality music that is suited to music on hold. We've kept our pricing affordable so you can improve your hold experience with very little cost to you.

Our license will mean you save money year after year without any extra licence fees.


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