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Acoustic Vol.2 Music On Hold

Our acoustic Vol.2 hold music features tracks where the main instrument is the acoustic guitar. This section has a mixture of acoustic music from warm relaxing melodies to upbeat catchy tunes. All royalty and license free music.

All downloads include the following file formats:

  • CCITT Ulaw (wav) - 8bit, 8khz mono (the most common format for phone systems)
  • MP3 192 kbps
  • WAV, mono, 8khz, 16bit
  • WAV, Stereo, 16bit, 44.1khz (full quality)

We've provided the full quality WAV file so you can convert to any other format. If you need us to convert for you please get in touch.

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  • Walk Together

    Walk Together

    Upbeat folk acoustic

  • No Filters

    No Filters

    Relaxing acoustic

  • You and Me

    You and Me

    Acoustic goodness

  • Ask Me Anything

    Ask Me Anything

    Inspiring acoustic music track

  • Open Spaces

    Open Spaces

    Earthy acoustic music track

  • Falling Leaves

    Falling Leaves

    Delicate acoustic track

  • In The Sunshine

    In The Sunshine

    Happy upbeat acoustic

  • Gone Fishing

    Gone Fishing

    Gentle acoustic melody

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