Messages On Hold & IVR Prompts

We have been creating on hold and IVR productions for over 10 years and are trusted by hundreds of customers in the UK.

Simple and cost effective

We don't tie you into costly contracts or charge for extra services you don't need, ours is a simple bare bones service.

  • You provide the script with the messages you need
  • You choose your voice artist and music
  • We record your messages with a professional voice artist
  • We mix your messages with music and deliver final production

Send us an email with your requirements and we'll get a quote to you asap.


Voice Artists

We use professional voice artists to record your messages. We only work with a small team so we know we will get exactly what we want every time.

We have access to a vast style of voices so please ask if you require something different.


We do not tie you into any contracts! you pay only once and use the production for as long as you like. There are no further fees to pay to PRS or PPL as it is all royalty free.

Scripts and Music

We don't offer a script writing service as we believe that no one knows your business better than you. This keeps the cost of your production down to a minimum. Please download our handy PDF guide on how to write and set out your script.

If you are choosing our messages on hold service we will mix your voice over with a royalty free music track from our library. You can choose any track from this site or we have a huge selection of music at our main music library - IB Audio.

IVR Prompts

IVR (Interactive Voice Prompts) are the menu prompts that you hear when calling companies with a voice menu system to direct your call such as press 1 for accounts press 2 for sales etc...

Prompts are usually chopped up into their separate elements whereby "press 1 for accounts" would be a single prompt. These are then uploaded to the PBX for each menu option.

File Format and Delivery

We will send your production to you either by email or via a download from our site (if the files are too big for your email box).

The file format will depend entirely on your system. We advise you to speak to your PBX administrator beforehand to find out the exact requirements for the audio file.

Costs and Payment

Charges are based on the amount of prompts you need so we would need to see your script before we can give you an exact quote for your production.

Payments can be made with a credit card (via paypal) or with a cheque.


We aim to have your recordings delivered within 7 working days.

Contact us at