Frequently Asked Quetions

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My telephone systems needs a .wav file 8khz, 8bit mono?

Our packs include a file called U-Law CCITT, these are .wav files in 8khz , 8bit mono and are a stanadard telephone file format.

I don't see the right file format for me/will these files work on my system?

Telephone systems use many different file formats, we've provided 3 very popular formats. If you don't see yours in the download send us an email and we'll be happy to help out.

Will I need to pay any other license fees?

No, with our music you don't need any other licenses e.g. PRS/PPL/BMI/ASCAP etc...

Why does it say IB AUDIO on my payment?

Our main business name is IB Audio, you check out our main music licensing site here.

IB AUDIO will appear on your bank statement as well as the shopping cart and invoice.

Are the payments secure?

Yes, our shopping cart (the only place you will enter any details) uses a https secure connection.

Can you resend my download email?

Please follow the link below to resend your order email.

Recover Order Email

Can I get a personalised license?

Yes, send us an email with your transaction ID (found on your sales email) along with your contact details and we will send you a personlised PDF license.

Can I change the order of the music?

Yes, as all the tracks are separate so you can use as many or as few as you like. You can mix tracks from different packs to create the perfect playlist for you!

TIP! Putting a number before each track will allow you to order your tracks.

Can you mix several songs into a single file for us (concatenate)?

Yes, this is an extra service we can provide for you. Let us know which songs you would like us to mix together and we'll do the rest. The cost is only £10 per mix (for up to 10 tracks).

Send us an email with your song choices.

Can you mix courtesy messages with my music?

Yes, we can mix a set of standard courtesy messages with any of our music packs. Please send us an email and we'll be happy to sort this for you.

Do you supply equipment?

No, we only supply the recordings. We always advise that you buy and own the equipment yourself.