Entire Collection

Download all 5 music packs from our collection for one low fee. You will be downloading 40 music tracks in total that you can mix and match to entertain your customers whilst on hold.

All the music is sold as royalty-free music and is PRS/PPL free.

Entire Collection - £49

Every music pack for one low fee.


Chill Out


Feel Good


Add To Cart - £49

 Download Format

Download Format

All packs contain both MP3 and CCITT U-Law (8khz, 8bit, mono wav). These are the most common telephone formats.

If you need any other file formats all you need to do is drop us an email and we will help you out!


License Agreement

Our license agreement covers you for playing our music on your telephone system. You will not be expected to pay any further fees for our music to any royalty collection societies such as PRS, BMI etc..

Please view the full license agreement.

 PRS Free

PRS Free Music

As we don't register our music with PRS or any other royalty collection society they cannot charge you a license fee for using our music (they can only charge for artists they represent). So our music is free from PRS fees.