About us

On Hold 2 Go is brought to you by the creators of IB Audio (www.ibaudio.com). We are a company that creates music for multimedia productions and licenses it as royalty free music.

We originally started our royalty free music library licensing for music on hold in 2004. We have since branched out into mainly licensing music for TV, video and games as our main business is music composition. We wanted to keep a site dedicated to music on hold as we offer messages on hold and other services.

We realised that because we can license our music without the restrictions of any PRO (performing rights organisation e.g. PRS,PPL, BMI etc..) our music has a wide range of uses such as music on hold. So we decided to set up a site dedicated to on hold music with a license and price that would give businesses the ability to play music without paying high license fees.

We hope you enjoy listening and using the music!
On Hold 2 Go/IB Audio Team.